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Still Talking to The Camera

Shot on location in AquaCity, Poprad, Slovakia and surrounding areas. Eric Wiltsher, Harry Cole, Grace Elizabeth Leslie-Rowe and Craig Bramall lead the action. Sponsored by the Bijou Club and filmed by James Courtenay.

Welcome to this blog

I am often asked about how I came to be here or how did I get to be there and to be honest it’s tough to remember each step of the way. That’s further complicated due to the fact I don’t keep recordings or shows for more than a few minutes. So with thanks to many kind people who have stored shows, news or simply information about my time in broadcasting so far – THANK YOU!

To those of you who have asked, this may help answer some of your questions.


 Saturday/Sunday 21/22 October 1994

Next weekend will see the launch of TESUG TV. Anchored by Eric Wilshire and ex
Radio Luxembourg DJ Jonathan Miles, TESUG TV will produce 22 hours of
programming centred around satellite TV and broadcasting. The broadcast will
be direct from British Telecom's Goonhilly earth station in Cornwall and be
live to Europe via Eutelsat 2F1 and to North America via Intelsat 601.
Documentaries will feature the history of satellite TV from Telstar through to the upcoming Eutelsat Hot Bird. Contributors to the show include NASA, Arianspace, Aerspatiale and GPO Films. A special feature from Echosphere will describe the new American DBS service that is due to start next year.
Broadcasters contributing behind the scenes documentaries include Euronews, Eurosport, The Family Channel, Deutsche Welle TV, TV 5 Europe and NBC Super Channel. There's a special look around the World Radio Network's computerised headquarters in London with station chief Karl Miosaga and a trip inside the  UK's Radio Authority.
The CAI will show you how to properly install a satellite dish and on Saturday from 1745 to 1815 direct from the Telekom Usingen uplink station, TELE Satellit's Dr. Dish (Christian Mass) and Petra Huther (TELE-satellit  Chefredakteurin) along with Tim Narwath (TESUG Deutschland) will host a German half hour.
The technical side of the event is impressive with outside broadcasts from Atlanta, Washington, France, Munich and Betzdorf possibly. The viewers will get a chance to see the technical side of the operation with a look around BT's Goonhilly earth station and BT's Docklands teleport in London. The camera will even take you onto a big dish and look inside the uplink !
The technical details are :
Times : 0900 - 2000 UK/CET Saturday/Sunday 21/22 October 1994
Europe : Eutelsat 2F1, 11.617 GHz, Vertical, 6.50 MHz (50us), 7.02 MHz (Wegener
North America : Intelsat 601, 3.820 GHz
Incoming feeds to TESUG TV : Intelsat 601, 11.135 GHz

Radio Luxembourg

The suggestion is you listen to the entire two hour show recorded in the UK from the mighty 208. However, 64 minutes into the show, as you're here, there will be a name you will recognise. In broadcasting, to be thanked by and on 208 was one of the greatest honours I could receive. To download a copy of a great AM signal go here

Click the player above to listen

The Euronet Days :-)

Euronet began broadcasting in spring 1992, on the Astra satellite (the Sky Sports radio subcarrier on 7.56 MHz, to be exact).
Euronet was a genuine community radio station, with programmes for a wide range of minority groups and specialist interests.

Euronet's own programmes included:

  • the TESUG Satellite Surgery, an information and advice programme for fans of satellite broadcasting
  • Tender Trip, an "Anorak" programme for fans of offshore radio
  • and even a programme about wrestling.

In addition, Euronet would often broadcast programmes from other stations and radio groups, notably:

  • Gay To Gay, a gay community programme, originally broadcast on ILR Wear FM.
  • Radio Dublin, the famous Dublin pirate
  • Green Apple Radio, a dance and rave music station
  • Laser Rock, which is understood to have had links with the offshore Laser.

It is possible that Euronet was inspired by short wave stations which relayed other programmes, such as Radio Fax and Drogheda's Radio Rainbow International. But Euronet went a step further, in that some of the programmes aired made a real effort to serve minoity groups who were often forgotten by the mainstream broadcasters. In early 1993, Radio Ability - a radio project by and for disabled people - approached Euronet, who were very sympathetic to the idea and planned to air its programmes.

Unfortunately, Euronet closed in spring 1993. This was a great shame, as Euronet were one of the few legal stations who really cared about minority interests, rather than just playing music in an attempt to grab listeners.

Replay Radio

Since the age of 10, Eric has wanted to speak into a microphone. At the same age he also managed to blow the entire mains fuses in his fathers shop trying to make his voice louder – he figured that if 9 volts created a quiet sound, 240 volts would make everything louder. It did with a mighty bang! Since that time he’s been in an out of radio, he’s worked for the BBC, LBC 97.3 in London as well as many other stations. He now lives in Slovakia and went there to start the Anglo-Slovak station RTI. RTI was on various platforms, but was eventually closed down by the Slovak regulator, after a significant battle, who, in short, banned RTI from broadcasting English language material. Eric remains in Slovakia working on IP projects including filming for the UK based HighTatras.TV and is, to say the least, keen on anything and everything Internet based. His show takes in aspects of his former Award Winning MediaZoo show, but will often include guests ranging from Prime Ministers, Senators, TV and radio people, and even rock superstars such as Gillan. Replay Radio


Heart 106.2 Heart again
LBC LBC (2) LBC (3) LBC (4) Liberty (1)
Liberty (2) NPR America Some files are
from AM

Superchannel and In Orbit

The first wondeful people to give Wiltsher the title of Editor

UK Gold Analogue teletext

Courtesy of

TESUG TV from BTs Goonhilly earth station

The announcement from Tele Satellit News: TESUG TV. Anchored by Eric Wilshire and ex Radio Luxembourg DJ Jonathan Miles, TESUG TV will produce 22 hours of programming centred around satellite TV and broadcasting. The broadcast will be direct from British Telecom's Goonhilly earth station in Cornwall and be live to Europe via Eutelsat 2F1 and to North America via Intelsat 601. More here:

The Full Wiki

The QEFM entry

Merlin Network One

The wednesday test broadcast announcement.

BBCi and video phones

The disappointing sales came as no surprise to independent media analyst Eric Wiltsher, who admitted to being a sceptic on the widespread take-up of the service. More here

Shopping Telly days

This can be found of Shopping Telly and it is QVC

QEFM, the early days of satellite

Quality Europe FM
Whatever view you may hold about the programming, QEFM was most certainly a pioneer in satellite radio. The station was launched as part of a project to acquire a local UK broadcast licence. It was heard on Astra 1A and soon had, according to independent research, an audience equal to the size of a medium sized UK terrestrial radio station. Source: Vintage Broadcasting
Did I really sound like this?

Fun on Satellite

On Wednesday 20th December 1995, the world of 'watery wireless' returned to the airwaves for one night only. The CMR 'Satellite Surgery' programme (then on ASTRA 1B, Transponder 24, 7.56 mHz), hosted by mega-anorak Eric Wiltsher (seen here on the air), put on a two hour special of the 'Radio Programme'.
More here:

Radio Days

Click here to see Eric Wiltsher making himself comfortable on a window ledge in the old Euronet studios in Shoreditch, London.

Laura Frey shares

After being given the chance of a lifetime by Eric Wiltsher the director of the radio show Media Zoo to present on his show, Laura's career took a whole new and exciting turn.

Talk RadioX in the USA

The entry for Eric Wiltsher on TalkRadioX

MNO 1998

Merlin Network One April 1998

Information from the British DX Club.

The Radio Festival 2002


Riga/London 14 August 2002 - The RADIO FESTIVAL 2002 is pleased to announce the opening programme of the event taking place 24 and 25 August 2002.

The first show to be aired on 5935 will be the return to international airwaves, after 20 years, of STEVE MASTERS who was last heard broadcasting on Laser 558 via the MV Communicator.

Now based in Washington, Steve commented, "After 20 years, WOW, this is a real buzz.

AquaCity TV Commercial

Talking to Ian Gillan

The Satellite Festival in Holland


A tour of Radio Caroline

This is part 1 of 3 available on Youtube.

LBC 97.3FM London. Through the Night

The night we commemorated the birthday of Commerical Radio in the UK click on the link.