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 Saturday/Sunday 21/22 October 1994

Next weekend will see the launch of TESUG TV. Anchored by Eric Wilshire and ex
Radio Luxembourg DJ Jonathan Miles, TESUG TV will produce 22 hours of
programming centred around satellite TV and broadcasting. The broadcast will
be direct from British Telecom's Goonhilly earth station in Cornwall and be
live to Europe via Eutelsat 2F1 and to North America via Intelsat 601.
Documentaries will feature the history of satellite TV from Telstar through to the upcoming Eutelsat Hot Bird. Contributors to the show include NASA, Arianspace, Aerspatiale and GPO Films. A special feature from Echosphere will describe the new American DBS service that is due to start next year.
Broadcasters contributing behind the scenes documentaries include Euronews, Eurosport, The Family Channel, Deutsche Welle TV, TV 5 Europe and NBC Super Channel. There's a special look around the World Radio Network's computerised headquarters in London with station chief Karl Miosaga and a trip inside the  UK's Radio Authority.
The CAI will show you how to properly install a satellite dish and on Saturday from 1745 to 1815 direct from the Telekom Usingen uplink station, TELE Satellit's Dr. Dish (Christian Mass) and Petra Huther (TELE-satellit  Chefredakteurin) along with Tim Narwath (TESUG Deutschland) will host a German half hour.
The technical side of the event is impressive with outside broadcasts from Atlanta, Washington, France, Munich and Betzdorf possibly. The viewers will get a chance to see the technical side of the operation with a look around BT's Goonhilly earth station and BT's Docklands teleport in London. The camera will even take you onto a big dish and look inside the uplink !
The technical details are :
Times : 0900 - 2000 UK/CET Saturday/Sunday 21/22 October 1994
Europe : Eutelsat 2F1, 11.617 GHz, Vertical, 6.50 MHz (50us), 7.02 MHz (Wegener
North America : Intelsat 601, 3.820 GHz
Incoming feeds to TESUG TV : Intelsat 601, 11.135 GHz