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Replay Radio

Since the age of 10, Eric has wanted to speak into a microphone. At the same age he also managed to blow the entire mains fuses in his fathers shop trying to make his voice louder – he figured that if 9 volts created a quiet sound, 240 volts would make everything louder. It did with a mighty bang! Since that time he’s been in an out of radio, he’s worked for the BBC, LBC 97.3 in London as well as many other stations. He now lives in Slovakia and went there to start the Anglo-Slovak station RTI. RTI was on various platforms, but was eventually closed down by the Slovak regulator, after a significant battle, who, in short, banned RTI from broadcasting English language material. Eric remains in Slovakia working on IP projects including filming for the UK based HighTatras.TV and is, to say the least, keen on anything and everything Internet based. His show takes in aspects of his former Award Winning MediaZoo show, but will often include guests ranging from Prime Ministers, Senators, TV and radio people, and even rock superstars such as Gillan. Replay Radio